Steel logistics

We take care of the execution of warehouse documents. We follow the order of loading metals into a vehicle and deliver your goods, accompanied by a forwarder, to the destination.

You can be sure that we will deliver your orders on time. Thanks to our own fleet and highly qualified logistics specialists, we deliver metal products to our partners in various parts of Azerbaijan. Metal delivery is carried out by heavy trucks. We provide relevant documents (certificates, invoices, waybill, etc.) at the end of the loading process. 

The secret of our company’s success is simple. We love our work and bear responsibility for it. Our employees are specialists of the highest level who are personally interested in quality work.

The products we offer, of course, can be purchased from other companies. The advantage of buying products from our company is a guarantee of quality. If you are interested in purchasing metal structures, we offer them at an affordable price. 

Specialists of our company can perform the delivery in the shortest possible time. Our specialists deliver not only high-quality metals, but also other products offered by the company. You can order metal delivery by calling our company. Our managers will be happy to answer your questions about products, costs and additional terms of cooperation.

To increase the company’s competitiveness, we do our best to satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers in the best possible way. Our company delivers metal products accompanied by a forwarder, offers galvanizing and metal cutting services.