All manufactured parts are manufactured in accordance with world standards. Production and mounting is manufactured, with the most modern equipment, with well-trained employees and staff according to ISO9001 standards. The machines used in production are constantly renewed according to the changing technology and new machines are added to the machinery track. New employees are constantly being trained with technical specialists which are coming from domestic and foreign industrial region.

All required materials are manufactured at our factory and sent to the greenhouse area. During the shipment of the products, all kinds of measures are taken against correct packaging. So one of the important points «Omax Industrial Group» guarantee is fast and correct delivery for greenhouse. «Omax Industrial Group» is one of the leading construction and mounting greenhouses company. «Omax Industrial Group» provides employees with the highest standards of training and control project with engineers during the construction.

«Omax Industrial Group», production lines:

  • Pipe production line;
  • Profile production line;
  • Manufacture of metal structures;
  • Plastic clip production line.

The recently founded company «Omax Industrial Group», cooperating with leading companies in the Netherlands, began the production of modem greenhouse systems in Izmir, the Republic of Turkey and the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku. Guided by healthy competitiveness, the main activity of the company is to provide modem high-quality greenhouse systems made of glass, polyethylene, and polycarbonate.

Since «Omax Industrial Group» has the power to implement greenhouse projects that meet European standards, it has gained customer confidence and receives construction orders from Turkey, the Russian Federation, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. The main principle of the company is to increase productivity with the use of high-quality materials and advanced technologies, as well as the creation of favorable conditions for producers to grow environmentally friendly products.

«Omax Industrial Group» also provide services in heating, cooling and irrigation along with production and installation of greenhouses with their engineers. The aim is to provide manufacturers with lighter, more airy, durable and longer-lasting greenhouse systems with a special design. When we are doing its, the most sensitive details are reviewed repeatedly.