Preparation of special orders

«Omax Industrial Group» uses the experience and knowledges of its experts and engineers to provide the best solutions in greenhouse systems. Its goal is to provide modern greenhouses produced with the latest technology, which are thought to be the finest details and are durable and long lasting. When preparing the greenhouse projects, our engineers take into account the static and hardware meteorological information of the region where the greenhouse will be established for at least 10 years.

According to the climate, land and product loads to be produced, the conditions required for the resistance of the greenhouse and the comfort of the products inside are guaranteed. Greenhouse automation systems of Omax Industrial Group are managed by remote connection over the internet.

The aim of «Omax Industrial Group» is to work together and seamlessly with one another in a modern greenhouse system - rainfall channel, clips profiles, rack, ventilation curtains and fly tulle. At the same time, heating, carbohydrate and irrigation systems are also designed together with the greenhouse.

In our turnkey greenhouse facilities: boiler heating system, hanging plants, carbon dioxide and fogging system, irrigation and fertilizer automation, warm and shade curtain with mounting is including to the project.