Cutting metal structures

Metal cutting into individual billets is a technological process that has been developing and improving for decades, which is necessary for various fields of construction and production. Compared to the technologies of 15-20 years ago, today the accuracy and productivity of equipment has grown several times, new methods of processing materials have appeared, which ensure quality production at a consistently high level. According to the level of the impact on materials, metal cutting can be mechanical and thermal, depending on the control method – manual and automated.  

Metal cutting 

Omax Industrial Group carries out metal cutting according to the indicated sizes. The company also offers laser and plasma cutting services upon an order. It also implements laser cutting, welding, marking, mainly for instrument-making enterprises, aerospace and tool industries.

Metal cutting is a rather complicated process, requiring specialists and high-quality equipment. Our specialists are good at carrying out high-level cutting, and our equipment meets all state requirements and standards. 

Metal cutting types 

Specialists of Omax Industrial Group perform metal cutting using all common methods. So, we offer our customers the following types of metal cutting:

Abrasive cutting

This technology allows acquiring high-quality work-pieces with perfectly even edges and curvature reduced to zero. Abrasive metal cutting in size is the best choice at the time of purchase. 

Gas cutting

Due to its high performance, this cutting method has become one of the most popular nowadays. Its other advantages are low cost and a wide range of possible diameters of finished products.

Band saw cutting

The traditional technology of metal processing is not inferior to its position, and new developments are emerging in this industry every year. Thanks to band saws, it is possible to cut almost any materials, including at an angle (which is impossible with other cutting methods) and achieve exact compliance with the specified parameters. It is also worth noting that the cut point does not need additional machining.

Plasma cutting

This cutting method is productive and economical (electricity, air, nozzles and electrodes are required to perform work) and is mainly used in the processing of materials (alloy steels, cast iron, copper, aluminum and alloys) up to 120 mm.

At the end of the cutting process, rolled metal products are cooled, placed in packages and loaded into a vehicle for delivery to your addresses. If you want to order any type of cutting from our managers, please call us. We will be pleased to accept your order and provide the necessary services at the highest level.