Greenhouse Installation

Another feature of the company is to provide the client with all greenhouse services from the first stage of construction until the end of its completion. «Omax Industrial Group» offers consulting, logistics, personnel training, construction, sales, and repairs services in the greenhouse industry. Before investing in the agricultural business, our team of professionals provides clients with the right direction and advices.

Greenhouse heating systems

The heating system in greenhouses is fully automated and divided into 5000-6000 m2 sectors. Separately mounted heating collectors are installed on separate sectors. The heating system consists of floor heating circuit, a crop heating circuit and a top heating circuit. Boiler burners can run on natural gas, diesel fuel and fuel oil materials. 

In addition, C02 generated from natural gas is used to feed plants. The C02 supply system is also installed at the request of our client. To implement a C02 system based on a greenhouse project, the installation of a hot water tank (buffer tank) is important. As a result of using this system, productivity increases by 10-15%.

Greenhouse ultra climate system 

The purpose of this technology is to achieve high productivity in hot climates in the summer by reducing the air temperature inside the greenhouse to 22-24 degrees, as well as achieving high yields in cold climates. In this system, the windows are not installed, the greenhouse is completely closed and the air does not penetrate from the outside. 

Cooling pads transport incoming air along canvas lines mounted under the gutters. Part of the air entering the greenhouse with the help of the climate control system by fans located in the upper part of the greenhouse is brought outside the greenhouse. Another part of the air enters the closed room and integrates into the air circulation system. Thus it is possible to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Greenhouse fogging system

The fogging system is designed to maintain humidity and temperature in the greenhouse during hot seasons. The system is fully automated and consists of stainless-steel pipes, as well as high-pressure pumps (70-100 amp) made in Italy.

Greenhouse curtain mechanism

Thanks to this system, it is possible to control the climate and energy consumption inside the greenhouse. In the built-in PUSH PULL curtain, special aluminum tapes are used to prevent harmful sunlight from entering the greenhouse and to maintain warm air in cold weather.

Greenhouse irrigation system

The irrigation system is fully automated. It includes a drip irrigation system, a drainage water system, an automatic irrigation machine, a meteorological control system, a site for the preparation of necessary fertilizer solutions. In order to save fertilizers (by 20-25%) at the request of the customer, we install an additional recirculation system for the treatment and reuse of fertilizers from the drainage water of the irrigation system. Fertilizers are cleaned by using ozone and ultraviolet processing.

Greenhouse electrical system 

The installation of the electrical system is carried out in such a way that each node has its own protection against power surges and against changes in the location of the supply phases. For convenience, 220 and 380 volt sockets are installed in the greenhouses along the path.

Greenhouse hanging gutters

The system of metal trays for growing plants uses coconut substrates, as well as other systems of landless cultivation of plants. The system consists of trays with attached pipes of different sizes for proper drainage flow of water. Metal sheets have a width of 60 cm and are insulated on both sides with antibacterial paint. Special equipment is used to hang these trays.

Greenhouse ventilation system

The ventilation system is carried out using automatic single or double windows on the upper and lateral parts of the greenhouse, as well as using fans.

Greenhouse grow lights

Equipped light is clearly critical to the production of crops grown under controlled conditions. Considering the distinctive measurements of light, we usually concentrate on the photoperiod (length of the day), the amount of light (power) and the quality of light (distribution). Light coordination affects how evenly light travels to the growing area. Light coordination should be taken into account when choosing a new greenhouse, as well as to install plant lighting, including photoperiodic, additional and only sources of illumination. 

When growing greenhouse products, the light consistency is as important as the light power. The consistency of the lighting condition significantly affects the yield. Light directs the development of plants (flowering), and also affects how quickly plants use water.

Reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system, i.e. water purification system, produces the required amount of clean water, in accordance with the daily need of the greenhouse. There is no need for this system if the water used in the greenhouse meets the requirements of the irrigation system.

Equipment for plant care

For the care of plants, at the request of the customer, automatic accumulator lifts, harvest machines, electric cars, and all the necessary accessories are supplied by "Omax Sənaye Qrupu".